Sankranti Stories & Significance

सूरज देव के आशीर्वाद से आपका जीवन प्रकाशित हो, पतंगों की तरह आपकी उम्मीदें ऊंचाइयों को छुए, और तिल-गुड़ की मिठास हर पल खुशियाँ लाए। !
मकर संक्रांति की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं

Makar Sankranti Related Topics

Sun Transition

The name "Makar Sankranti" is derived from the Sanskrit words "Makara" (Capricorn) and "Sankranti" (transition). Makar sankranti is celebrated across India with different names. The festival is also known as Uttarayan, which means "going towards the north." This is because the sun begins its northward journey on this day, marking the end of the winter solstice and the beginning of longer days.

Multiple Names

Makar Sankranti is one of most important festival of India. It is also celebrated in Nepal, Bangladesh, and other parts of South Asia. It is a time for celebration, feasting, and family gatherings.

  • Pongal
  • Uttaryan
  • Magh Bihu
  • Khichdi Purv
  • Farmers and Harvesting

    Makar Sankranti coincides with the completion of winter harvest in many regions. It's a time to celebrate the bounty of the fields, offering gratitude for the land's yield and the successful harvest season. Farmers traditionally offer the first fruits of the harvest to their deities, expressing thanksgiving for the blessings received and seeking good fortune for future crops.

    Worship Cows

    In some regions, Makar Sankranti is also celebrated as a day to honor farm animals like cows and bulls, who play a vital role in agricultural activities. Special prayers and ceremonies called "Go Puja" are held during Makar Sankranti specifically to honor and revere cows. Farmers express gratitude for the animals' contribution to agriculture and seek their blessings for future harvests.

    Sankranti Tradition

    Sankranti names

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    Sankranti in Tamil Nadu

    Makar Sankranti: Soaring spirits, sweet treats, sunlit streets.
    Til laddoos and laughter, kites that dance in the sky, Makar Sankranti's joy flies!
    New beginnings, grateful hearts, firelight's golden embrace, Makar Sankranti marks its space.
    Sunward journeys, hopeful wishes, let Sankranti's warmth ignite new dishes!
    Bonfires dance, drums beat a rhythm, togetherness blossoms beneath Sankranti's prism.

    Makarsankranti Greetings

    Sankranti quotes and messages

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    Surya card for Sankranti

    May the sun's embrace bring warmth and light, Happy Makar Sankranti, shining bright!
    As kites paint the sky with dreams, may your life flourish with Sankranti's beams.
    Sweet til laddoos and bonfire's glow, blessings abound as the seasons flow. Happy Sankranti!
    Forget the past, let hope take flight, new beginnings start with Sankranti's light.
    May the harvest bring abundance and cheer, wishing you a joyful Sankranti this year!
    From tilgul and jaggery's sweetness, to family's warmth, may Sankranti bring endless completeness.
    Let the rhythm of dholki fill the air, celebrate unity with loved ones, near and far. Happy Sankranti!
    As flames dance and prayers ascend, may Sankranti's blessings never end.
    May your home be blessed with laughter and sweets, a Sankranti filled with blessings complete.
    Let's soar high like kites, with dreams in our eyes, Happy Makar Sankranti, to all beneath the skies!

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